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📸: Lauren Gray 

Hi! I’m Sophie 👋🏼 I employ empathy to solve problems and I believe you can leverage strategy to move culture forward.

Because I’ve moved between many cultures, I’ve learned empathy is the key to understanding. To truly enact change through design we must approach strategy with empathy, compassion and respect for the user.

Being half-Egyptian means I can move between cultures with ease. In my travels I’ve learned people love a good beat. A long laugh with friends. And dumplings. Humans love stuffing meat in tiny little handheld pockets.

We all have something that sparks our interest, makes us laugh and that song that just hypes us up. For me, it’s: ​

  • Traveling to immerse myself in new cultures and experiences 

  • Digging into record bins

  • My elaborate skincare routine

  • Learning random facts (Did you know that you could be named by a chicken?)

  • Perfecting my burger recipe

  • Playing Stardew Valley and perfecting my Murder She Wrote inspired farm!


I'm open to skincare product suggestions!

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